Tasman District Council is using Antenno. Antenno is a free mobile app that sends you alerts and notifications about places and topics you care about.

With Antenno there is no need to check multiple sources of information – Antenno sends information directly to you.

Antenno lets you choose the places you want to be alerted about, so you're not being alerted about things that don't affect you. You can have multiple 'places' which could be your home, work and school.

Examples of what Antenno might notify you about:

  • Road closures
  • Water shutdowns
  • Recycling and rubbish reminders and changes
  • Events
  • Consultations

You can also engage with us easier and get involved in your community by reporting issues, responding to surveys and providing feedback through Antenno. Seen some graffiti, found a pothole, or have a new idea? Simply open Antenno, go to 'Your reports' and add a report to tell us about it.

Antenno is simple and easy to use – no personal information or log on details required.

Download Antenno for free