Whether your canine companion is a man’s best friend, a pampered handbag pooch or a hard-out working dog, they need to be registered every year.

Registration fees are $65 for a dog on a property under 1 hectare (urban), and $45 if your property is over 1 hectare (rural). Any dogs that are still unregistered and unpaid on 1 August will incur a 50% penalty fee. Dog registration fees cover the cost of all dog services provided in Tasman. It is a user pays system that is not subsidised by rates.

We are sending out registration forms to currently registered dogs, or you can download a registration form here. (pdf 110 KB) Return your registration form by email to dog.control@tasman.govt.nz, by post to Dog Control, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050, or in person to any Council Service Centre.

If any of your details have changed, such as your address or phone number, the number of dogs you own etc, please let us know on your registration form.

You can pay your registration fee by bank transfer to account 12-3193-0002048-03, online with a credit card (fees apply), or in person at a Council Service Centre.

Please make sure you use your dog owner number as reference when paying online.

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