Fees and charges

We review and set charges at July 1 each year.

Under our Revenue and Financing Policy, the Council can set fees and charges to recover costs associated with Council services. Some of these fees and charges are set by legislation, and others by the Council.

The Council reviews the fees and charges every year. Consultation has now closed on the proposed updates. Final Fees and Charges, once approved, will come into effect from 1 July 2023.

You can view the current Schedule of Fees and Charges here:  Schedule of Fees and Charges 2022 (pdf 2.1 MB). 

You can also view the current fees and charges - and the proposed changes for 2023/2024 - under the tabs below.

About our fees and charges
Aerodrome Charges
Biosecurity Fees and Charges
Building Assurance fees and charges
Cemetery fees and charges
Collingwood Campground fees
Commercial Operator’s Licence fees
Corporate fees and charges
Development contribution fees and charges
Dog Control fees
Community infrastructure charges
Environmental Health fees - food businesses and licences
Forestry Monitoring charges
Hall Hire fees
Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and Property Information fees
Library fees
Port Tarakohe charges
Property Services charges
Maritime Charges
Resource Management - processing fees and charges
Resource Management - annual charges, extraction and monitoring fees
Resource Management - General rules for fees and charges
Sale of Alcohol fees
Sports Grounds, Parks and Reserves Charges
Stock Control Fees and Charges
Waste Management Charges
Wastewater Network Charges
Water connection & supply fees

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