Dog control and ownership

Find out more about dog ownership in Tasman District, from registration to microchipping and everything in between.

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All dogs within the District must be kept under effective control at all times, be registered and be properly cared for.

Dogs must be kept on a leash in, or adjacent to, all urban areas and also in the presence of protected wildlife.

Dogs may run free in Dog Exercise Areas but must still be under the effective control of whoever is in charge of them. There are specific areas where dogs are prohibited for part or all of the year. Check the Dog Exercise Map.

Lost or found animals
Dogs available for re-homing
Problem dogs
Menacing and dangerous dogs

Dog Registration

Annual registration fees are due for payment on 1 July each year and are increased by 50% if not paid on or before 31 July.

Dog registration brochure - what you need to know (pdf 70 KB)

New dog registration or changed details
Renew your dog's registration
Payment options
Updating your details
Owning more than two dogs
Late registration or failing to register your dog
Dog registration refunds
Microchipping your dog
Dog control bylaw

There are many places within Tasman District to exercise your dog, both on and off the leash. Find out where the dog exercise areas are and in which areas dogs are prohibited or need to be on leash control.