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Contact the Environmental Health team

Here's how to get in touch:

Phone: 03 5438400 ask for Environmental Health

Email:  regulatory.admin@tasman.govt.nz

If you're wanting to complete work on any public space or Council-owned road reserve, you will need approval.

Find out when a permit is required and how to get one.

Licences are required for commercial vessel operators, and must be renewed by 31 October each year.

Vehicles heavier or larger than the standard dimensions need special permits to travel on the road.

Council controls certain activities that may take place in a public place. This page explains when licences or permits are required, and how to apply.

Find out about and apply for roadside signage.

The Council may approve the temporary closure of roads for events, maintenance, construction and during unforeseen events. You must apply 60 days before a road closure is needed for non-urgent work.

All hairdressers must renew their registration each year.